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Potosi, Bolivia

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SHIPWRECKS AND THEIR COINS (6-volume set), by Ernie Richards (2006-14). Each volume soft cover, 48 pages, illustrated with maps, diagrams and photos. Targeted toward beginning collectors and history enthusiasts, this useful series of pamphlets briefly outlines the histories of and identifies the coins from the currently most-available coin-bearing shipwrecks, as follows:

Volume 1--1622 Fleet (Atocha and Santa Margarita);

Volume 2--Capitana (1654) and Maravillas (1656);

Volume 3--1715 Fleet;

Volume 4--Rooswijk (1739);

Volume 5--Concepción (1641).

Volume 5--1733 Fleet.


Each booklet is lavishly illustrated and very practical in size and scope. Autographed by the author. Sold as a 6-volume set only.


$60 for the set of 6

THE PRACTICAL BOOK OF COBS 20th Anniversary Ed. THE PRACTICAL BOOK OF COBS, 20th Anniversary (4th) Edition, by Daniel Frank Sedwick (2007). Soft cover, 254 pages, illustrated with maps, diagrams and photos. This popular book has been out of print since 1995 and unavailable for a number of years now, so this new edition should be a most welcome addition to the market! Greatly expanded from the previous edition (more than 100 pages longer!), this 20th Anniversary edition contains a long new section on the shipwrecks that have yielded cobs over the years, complete with a foldout map and specific bibliographies for each wreck. Autographed by the author. For further information about this book  click here. n070700000001

$25 each

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THE "TUMBAGA" SAGA: TREASURE OF THE CONQUISTADORS, by Agustín ("Augi") García-Barneche (2010). Soft cover, 152 pages, limited first edition (400 copies). Before there were coins in the New World, before there were Spanish Treasure Fleets, and even before there were any kind of European colonies in Mexico, the conquistador Hernan Cortés and his men, through the Tarascan Conquest by Cristóbal de Olid in 1522, discovered a new precious-metal mix that led to an improvised manufacture of so-called "tumbaga" bars: a group of over 200 silver and gold ingots discovered in the remains of an unidentified ca.-1528 shipwreck off Grand Bahama Island in 1993.These rare silver "tumbaga" bars found in 1993 are now a step closer to full understanding.Autographed by the author. read more n091019161001

$29.95 each

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ISLA EL MUERTO AND THE TREASURES OF THE CONSOLACION (2nd ed), by William Gene Seliger (2008). This new book about the Consolación wreck of 1681 off Ecuador was written by one of the salvagers, and as such is a unique perspective you don't usually get in writing! Published in Ecuador in limited quantities, this book is actually in shorter supply than the thousands of silver cobs from this wreck currently on the market, for which this book is an excellent accompaniment. 173 pages, large format, softcover.

n071203579004 $40 each
THE COB COINAGE OF COLOMBIA, by Joseph R. Lasser and Jorge Emilio Restrepo (2000). COINS OF COLOMBIA (Monedas de Colombia), 1619-2012 (Spanish Colonial and Republican), 4nd edition, by Jorge Emilio Restrepo (2012). NEW and FIRST ENGLISH VERSION. This is a compilation and update of all the author's previous works, including cobs, milled colonial, and Republican issues to the present, and as such it is an invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in coins made in Colombia. The information is accurate and up-to-date, with tables of values for all the post-cob issues in four grades of conservation, and containing over 3000 listings, with many photos of coins within each type—in short, a marvel of organization and clarity for a series that defies both! Soft cover, perfect bound, 276 pages, limited printing (400 copies), ISBN 978-958-44-0080-2. n111210181001 $95 each
THE COB COINAGE OF COLOMBIA, by Joseph R. Lasser and Jorge Emilio Restrepo (2000). THE COB COINAGE OF COLOMBIA, by Joseph R. Lasser and Jorge Emilio Restrepo (2000). Quickly becoming a classic, this 150-page hardbound book covers all that was known in 2000 about Colombian cobs, with excellent photos throughout and very well organized for such a difficult area, a must for all collectors of Colombian cobs. n030510120001 $40 each
8 REALES COBS OF POTOSI, by Emilio Paoletti (2006) 8 REALES COBS OF POTOSI, by Emilio Paoletti (2006).  Beautifully hardbound with dust jacket, 402 pages, with tons of great photos, this is the much-anticipated English-language edition of Paoletti's esteemed work on Potosí cob 8 reales of all periods.  Truly there is no more accurate reference on the subject today!  A Spanish translation is also provided at the end (text only).  Autographed by the author. n120605160001 $90 each
THE MACUQUINA CODE, by Agustín "Augi" García-Barneche (2006) THE MACUQUINA CODE, by Agustín "Augi" García-Barneche (2006). A Spanish-to-English, English-to-Spanish glossary of over 1500 terms relating to cobs (macuquinas in Spanish) and treasure, a very useful guide (for even native speakers of Spanish often struggle with some of the terminology!).  Not huge (92 pages, soft cover), but priced accordingly.  Autographed by the author. n050807176106 $10 each
SPAIN, PORTUGAL AND THE NEW WORLD, by Krause-Mishler (2002) SPAIN, PORTUGAL AND THE NEW WORLD, by Krause-Mishler (2002).  With forewords by Daniel Frank Sedwick, David Fiero, and Roberto Jovel; soft cover, large format (8½” x 11”), 645 pages, covering all Spanish and Spanish colonial issues, plus Republican issues to present from former Spanish colonies (in addition to the Portuguese material), including counterstamps, hence a great boon to readers of my catalogs, with listings of every date in every denomination and values for up to 7 grades, and of course many photos.  Now offered at 40% off the former retail price!  Wholesale discounts for quantities. n120506231001 $30 each
ORO MACUQUINO(2012), by Rafael Tauler Fesser. This huge new book (hardbound, 571 full-color pages) is state-of-the-art for ALL hand-struck gold coins of the Spanish empire, all dates (1474-1756) and mints, New World and Old, with more than 2000 examples pictured alongside actual data from auctions around the world within the last 50 years. You will not find a more complete reference anywhere. Essential for the gold-cob collector. n121203678001 $150 each
THE GOLD COINAGE OF GRAN COLOMBIA, by Frank Sedwick (1991) THE GOLD COINAGE OF GRAN COLOMBIA, by Frank Sedwick (1991).  Still considered the most complete and accurate reference on post-independence Colombian gold coins (including Ecuador and Venezuela, as they were once part of "Gran Colombia"), with values and rarities for all known issues.  Soft cover, 90 pages, brand new (please inquire for bulk discounts to dealers). n000001190001 $12 each

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