Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction #20

Floor Auction November 12-13 - Internet Only November 14

Orlando, Florida

With this auction we welcome our newest addition to the company, Connor Falk, just in time for our inaugural offering of Latin American paper money (his specialty) via several important consignments (particularly Colombia and Mexico). Connor is quickly becoming a specialist, and he stands ready to answer all your questions with enthusiasm. Welcome, Connor!

In addition to the paper money, we also have more ancients, U.S. coins, and medals than in any of our previous auctions. In fact, this is one of our largest auctions to date, with almost 2300 lots in five sessions. The first three sessions comprise our main floor auction on Saturday, following a day of educational seminars and lot viewing on Friday. On Sunday we will finish the floor auction in one more session (effectively our first multi-day floor auction), with the final, Internet-Only session on Monday.

As usual we begin with Gold Cobs, featuring some very choice 1715-Fleet pieces from the Charles Eidel Collection of Shipwreck and Spanish Colonial Coins. Next comes World Gold Coins, where you will find several top-grade pieces, like a Potosí, Bolivia, bust 4 escudos, Charles IV laureate bust, 1791, in AU 58, and a Cuzco, Peru, 8 escudos, 1838, in MS 63. Also, be sure not to miss a very important offering of Portuguese cruzados of Afonso V (1438-81) from a wreck off England (first time on the market)!

Our exclusive Shipwreck Ingots section features a very rare gold bar from the time of Emperor Charles V (ca. 1519) and a fascinating “tumbaga” silver bar with exposed copper, in addition to the usual ingots from the Spanish Fleets of 1622, 1715 and 1733. Shipwreck Silver Coins are next, including the bulk of the Charles Eidel collection in addition to other significant consignments, resulting in several wrecks that have not been offered on the market in many years. Make sure you check out the Maravillas Research Collection of Potosí Countermarked Cobs, the largest offering of such coins since the Louis Hudson collection in our Auction #6 (2009). Also here you will find the shipwreck offerings of the Roberto Mastalir Collection of 1652 Transitional 8 Reales.

Mexico Silver Cobs is notable this time for an extensive offering of Charles-Joanna coinage (particularly Early Series) and dated cobs, including several important minor Royals and klippes. Lima Silver Cobs features very rare assayer-X 1 and 4 reales, in addition to some “Star of Lima” issues and several Royals in 8 reales and minors. But as usual, Potosí Silver Cobs is our biggest section, this time featuring many dated shield-types, the best of the Mastalir collection of 1652 Transitional 8 Reales, and an extensive run of dated pillars-and-waves in higher denominations, including several Royals and a Heart. Particularly noteworthy is the unique 4 reales 1732YA. Other Silver Cobs rounds out the session with the finest known Bogotá 8 reales 1670.

World Silver Coins, as usual, is heavily loaded with Spanish colonial and Latin American highlights, including an excellent collection of Colombian bust-types, plus many Mexican War of Independence issues and cap-and-rays issues in high grade, in addition to many countermarked issues from all over the Caribbean and elsewhere. We also have a significant offering of French coins this time.

Following the aforementioned Ancient Coins, U.S. Coins, Medals and Tokens and Paper Money is a small but quite interesting selection of Documents, plus our exclusive Shipwreck Artifacts and Non-wreck Artifacts, this time featuring several gold chains, a Danish cannon, and an offering of gold scales.
Whether you attend in person or bid on the Internet, we wish you the best of luck, and we thank you for the honor of helping you find your next treasure. Enjoy, everyone!

The Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC production team:

Daniel Sedwick -  Agustín (Augi) García-Barneche - Cori Sedwick Downing - Connor Falk -  Michelle B. Heidt



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