Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction #21

Live on the Internet, Wednesday-Thursday, May 3-4, 2017




As soon after the auction as possible we will notify you about the lots you won. This will be your opportunity to let us know (1) how you are paying and (2) how you prefer shipment or delivery of your lots. It is very important to let us know the answers to these two things ASAP. Why? Well, first of all, we cannot calculate your total due without knowing if you are paying by credit card or PayPal (19.5% seller's fee) or by check or cash or wire (discounted to 17.5% seller's fee). Also we have to add a shipping fee based on where and how you want the lots shipped, unless you prefer to pick the lots up in person, either at our office in Winter Park or at our next coin show. Note that some lots (as stated in the terms and in the catalog descriptions) will incur extra packing fees, and coin-only shipments are more quickly calculated than ones with artifacts and books. Additional sales tax will be added as well for certain items shipped to Florida addresses. But most importantly we need your acknowledgment that you will be paying for your lots as soon as you get the final invoice, because without that we may consider your invoice in default and offer your lots to underbidders. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU GET OUR INVOICE.

Once we have your information, we will send an invoice with a total due and you should send us payment ASAP. Note that even though you register with a credit card to bid, we will not charge that card automatically for your lots until and unless you specify that.

If you do not pay after we send your final invoice, then your account will be considered in default, your lots will be sold to underbidders, and you will not be allowed to bid in our auctions any more. Furthermore, a list of non-payers is distributed throughout the coin auction community and elsewhere, and you will be banned from all iCollector auctions as well. Whatever the amount of your invoice, you can be sure it is worth far more not to be banned from auctions everywhere! Please remember that a bid is a CONTRACT and you are legally obliged to follow through with your purchase. If you end up buying more than you can afford, it is far better to let us know and work something out than to get banned forever.

Under no circumstances will we ship unpaid lots. This is for two reasons: First of all, we are obligated to pay the consignor within a certain time, and if something happens to you before you can send us payment, then there is no money to pay the consignor. Secondly, each auction will have hundreds of winners, and the only fair way we can prioritize shipping is based the order in which payments are received. If you pay by credit card, please keep in mind that we cannot charge everyone all at once, and payments by check or cash get first priority.

As soon as we receive your payment in full, we will endeavor to get your lots shipped to you ASAP. Please be patient, as payments tend to come in all at the same time and we are only able to pack and send so many packages each day. Remember, we are selling bulky and heavy artifacts! Also keep in mind that Registered Mail and foreign shipments can take up to several weeks to arrive. If you are expecting a package from us, please check with your post office BEFORE contacting us, as nine times out of ten the problem is that your mail carrier forgot to leave you a notice.

Any special arrangements regarding shipping and payments MUST be made in writing BEFORE the auction.

Note: Some lots require special shipping and handling, additional charges for which are to be paid for by the bidder. Please read the description for further details.



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