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Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction 34
Live In-Person & on the Internet, Thursday-Friday, November 2 & 3, 2023

This catalog is packed with numerous rarities, unique pieces, and beautiful coinage designs that could possibly find a new home in your collection!

Sedwick's Treasure, World, U.S. Coin & Paper Money Auction 34We’ll begin our 34th Treasure Auction with some truly impressive rarities in Gold Cobs. To highlight a few 1715 Fleet treasure coins: a boldy struck Mexico City, Mexico, 1714 J cob 8 escudos graded NGC MS 62 (lot 23); a Royal-like Lima, Peru, 1699 R cob 8 escudos with excellent strike and original as-found surfaces (lot 32); and a Lima, Peru, 1710 H cob 8 escudos graded NGC MS 63 linked to the very first offering of 1715 Fleet coins from the Real Eight Company (lot 36).

The treasure in Shipwreck Ingots is led by a cut gold “tumbaga” bar weighing 307 grams from the “Tumbaga Wreck” (lot 59) as well as a large, Class Factor 1.0 silver ingot weighing over 79 troy pounds from the Atocha (lot 65). U.S. shipwreck enthusiasts should watch for the large PCGS slab containing 5 troy ounces of gold nuggets and dust recovered from the SS Central America shipwreck (lot 60).

For more Atocha treasure, the Shipwreck Coins section hosts not one but two(!) PCGS-graded gold cob 2 escudos from the Atocha shipwreck (lots 79 and 80) in addition to a large assortment of silver cob coins (lots 81-138). The 45th Anniversary Collection of coins recovered in 1978 from the Concepción shipwreck is a great opportunity to own at least one coin from this historical Spanish colonial treasure galleon (lots 150-239). Many pieces from the Akerendam (lots 348-372) and the HMS Association (lots 296-323) are also remarkable.

Our Mexico Silver Cobs section begins with selections from the Clyde Hubbard Collection, where rarities like a strongly struck 4 reales of Charles-Joanna with assayer O to left (lot 531) and a cob 8 reales of Philip II with assayer O graded NGC AU 53 (lot 582) are sure to stand out. Within Lima Silver Cobs, there are several date runs of very nice, fully dated 1/2 reales (lots 727-728, 730-731). Potosí Silver Cobs is crowned by two unique 1736-dated 8 and 4 reales Hearts (lots 857 and 907) in their first auction appearances ever.

Our gigantic World Coins session hosts several noteworthy collections. One of the most important Colombian coin collections, the Gregorio Toulemonde Collection, will be sold with such rarities as the very difficult Bogotá 1759 JV pillar 8 reales graded NGC AU 55 (lot 1105) immediately followed by the high-grade Bogotá 1770 VJ pillar 8 reales graded NGC MS 63 (lot 1106). We are particularly excited to offer the Warren Baker Collection of Canadian colonial tokens, a lifetime assemblage of some of the best or most difficult early Canadian token designs (lots 997-1040). Incredible Chilean coinage types, desirable in rarity and grade, will cross the block through the Val y Mexia Collection.

Other notable areas of interest include a selection of beautiful Bolivian monetary medals (lots 972-991); several key Chinese type coins including the Sun Yat-sen silver dollar of Year 21 (1932) with birds over junk graded PCGS MS62 (lot 1103); a great variety of Costa Rican countermarked and counterstamped coinages (lots 1225-1250) alongside a gorgeous—not to mention rare—Costa Rican gold 1873 GW 20 pesos graded NGC MS 63 (lot 1251); an unprecedented group of Guatemala gold bust coins (lots 1320-1331); a very rare and desirable Olancho, Honduras, 8 reales-sized proclamation medal from 1808 graded PCGS AU50 (lot 1365); and the finest selection of Panama cob coins we have ever offered, topped by the incredibly rare and finest known cob 4 reales of assayer oB graded NGC AU 55, which is plated in several key numismatic references (lot 1445).

Within Medals and Decorations, we host our fifth—and final—offering of top Admiral Vernon medals from the John Adams Collection (lots 1524-1594), many of which are plated in the fantastic reference book he co-wrote alongside Fernando Chao.
Following that, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will occur as we offer the unique 1818-dated Congressional Gold Medal awarded to President William Henry Harrison for his role in the victory at the Battle of the Thames during the War of 1812 (lot 1609). This historical piece of American presidential history was presented in 1825 to Harrison by President James Monroe. After Harrison’s death in 1841, just 32 days in the nation’s highest office, it was passed down through his family. Eventually, Harrison’s grandson, President Benjamin Harrison, acquired the medal. Today, it exists as the only War of 1812 Congressional Gold Medal awarded to a U.S. president available for private sale.

A special highlight in U.S. Paper Money is the Civil War-era Virginia $100 Treasury Note graded PMG AU 55 (lot 1614). Only 83 examples were left outstanding in 1863 and fewer than a dozen survivors in any condition are known today.
World Paper Money features two finest-known PMG-graded Latin American rarities—the Guatemala Banco Internacional 1 peso of 1879 with handwritten date (Pick-151a) graded PMG Choice UNC 63 EPQ (lot 1628) and the Paraguay 20 pesos fuertes of 1894 graded PMG Choice Fine 15 (lot 1633).

Ancient Coins contains several popular types such as the Calabria “boy on dolphin” didrachm and the religious Byzantine Empire gold designs. Our popular Coin Jewelry section hosts several gold cob escudos and shipwreck coins already mounted in jewelry settings and ready to wear. Shipwreck Artifacts has an ornate gold toothpick with a hand-carved design of intertwined sea serpents recovered from the Corrigans site of the 1715 Fleet (lot 1700), plus a silver plate from the 1641 Concepción that represents the first artifact we have ever offered from that wreck (lot 1693). Following that, Non-Wreck Artifacts features both man-made and natural artifacts of many time periods.

This auction then finishes with the online-only Express session of varied numismatic items. Thank you to our valued consignors and good luck to all of our bidders looking for that next great piece for their collection!
The Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC team:
Daniel Sedwick, Agustín (Augi) García-Barneche, Cori Sedwick Downing, Connor Falk



Special Article by Cori Sedwick Downing:

The Short-Lived Gold Mint of Cuzco 1698-1699



Full Auction Schedule

Wednesday, November 1, 2023


1:00 PM: Open lot viewing at Springhill Suites by Marriott, Winter Park

2:00 PM: first talk by Thomas Ruggie "Management of Collectibles in Wealth Portfolios"

3:00 PM: second  talk by Gregorio Toulemonde "Collecting Colombian Coins"

4:00 PM: third talk by Burt Webber "The Recovery of the Concepción"

5:00 PM: fourth talk by David S. Plowman "Spanish Colonial Coins of Panama"


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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Session I (starts at 9 AM)
- Gold Cobs: 1-58 / - Ingots: 59-67 / - Shipwreck Coins: 68-523

Session II (starts at 5 PM)
- Hubbard Charles and Johanna: 524-581 / - Hubbard Mexican Cobs: 582-652
- Mexican Cobs: 653-697 / - Lima Cobs: 698-73/ - Potosi Cobs: 732-935

Friday, November 3, 2023

Session III (starts at 9 AM)
- World Coins by country: 936-1511

Session IV (starts at 4 PM)
- Medals: 1512-1610 / - US Paper Money: 1611-1618 /- World Paper Money: 1619-1639

Session V (starts at 7 PM)
- Ancient Coins: 1640-1657 /- Coin Jewelry: 1658-1686
- Shipwreck Artifacts: 1687-1713 /- Non-Shipwreck Artifacts: 1714-1722

Express Session (online only)
(starts at 9 PM) - Lots: 1722-2111

End Date:
Lot Pick-up by Saturday, November 4, 2023 - starting at 9am until noon.


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