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Shipwreck and Non-Shipwreck Silver and Gold Ingots


Bullion ingots from shipwrecks do not exist in great quantities—typically any given shipwreck will yield ALL known specimens of that particular style of ingot, and with the exception of the hundreds of monstrous (80-lb.) loaf-shaped bricks of silver from the Atocha, I have never heard of more than about 200 similar ingots found at once. Compare that to coin rarities, and you will quickly realize that ingots are much rarer than contemporaneous coins, and of course they are almost always more impressive.

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Concepcion, sunk in 1641 off Hispaniola

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Small silver "splash" ingot (no markings), ex-Concepcion (1641). Approx. 3-1/2". 112 grams. Irregular shape but all flat and probably unmarked (contraband), with varying degrees of encrustation (mostly clean) but darkly toned.  

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