Specialists in the colonial coinage of Spanish America as well as shipwreck coins and artifacts of all nations. In addition to publishing several catalogs per year, Mr. Sedwick is a regular vendor at major international coin shows, including FUN, CICF, and ANA.


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Daniel Frank Sedwick will be attending the IAPN Congress in San Francisco in 2024.


Daniel Frank Sedwick selected among the top influential Numismatists 1960-2022

CoinWorld Magazine June 2022

NGC Special Collection Label for Esmeralda Colombian Coins in Sedwick Auction
Numismatic News, May 2021


Rare Gold 8 Escudos Royal To Star in Sedwick's Treasure Auction

Numismatic News October 2020


IAPN Votes in Daniel Frank Sedwick as President

Coinweek.com, April 2019




The Rincón 1-Real and 2-Reales Coins of La Plata and Potosí—An Ongoing Study

Barry Stallard and Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

A Brief Introduction to the Countermarked Shield-Type Coins of Potosí, 1649-52

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

My Journey Collecting Admiral Vernon Medals

John Adams

The Pinnacle of Spanish Colonial Coinage: The Mexican 8 Escudos Royals (Galanos)

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC   

The Regulated Gold Coinage of North America and the West Indies in the Late 1700s

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC   

The Saint Eligious Medallion of Maurice Pouillard

             Augi Garcia Barneche

Silver "Tumbaga" Bars: Treasure of the Conquistadores in Mexico (article version)

             Augi Garcia Barneche

Varieties of Rincón Three Reales of Mexico Charles-Joanna

Cori Sedwick Downing    

An Introduction to the “Star of Lima” Coinage of 1659-1660

             Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

The Admiral Vernon Medals of 1739 and 1741

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

Making a Bank Note: A Study of El Banco del Estado de Chihuahua Bromide Proofs

Connor P. Falk

The First 8 Reales of The Americas

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

Bogotá, Colombia, pillar 8 reales, Charles III, 1770VJ

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

The Crown Jewel of Mexican Silver Dollars - 1725 Luis I

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

“Royals”: a Cob by Any Other Name… (Galanos)

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

The Sacred Heart Cobs of Potosí: History and Census

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC

Collecting Peruvian Gold Cobs: A Research Study of 8 Escudos

Daniel Frank Sedwick

The Charles and Joanna Coinage of Mexico City, 1536-1571

Cori Sedwick Downing

The Colonial Coinage of Spanish America

An introduction by Daniel Frank Sedwick

The Monarchs of Spain and The Legends on Cobs

Daniel Sedwick 

A Practical Introduction to the Countermarked Cobs of Potosi (1649-52)

Daniel Frank Sedwick  / Augi Garcia

The Charles and Joanna Silver Coinage of Santo Domingo, 1542-1552

Cori Sedwick

The Cobs of The Mint of La Plata, Bolivia

Daniel Sedwick / Barry Stallard

The Brothers Bezerra: A Tale of Two Assayers

Daniel Sedwick / Augi Garcia

Straps for Cash: Silver Mexican Cobs

Daniel Frank Sedwick/ Augi Garcia

Numismatic comments on the São Jose (1622) shipwreck coin collection

M.Sc. Alejandro Mirabal Marine archaeologist 

Shipwreck and treasure coins:


Introduction to Shipwreck Coins

An Introduction by Augi Garcia

Study on a Silver Atocha bar

Augi Garcia

Compilation of Some Shipwreck and Hoard Histories

Augi Garcia

The "Mesuno Hoard": Revisited

Daniel Sedwick / Augi Garcia

Untangling the Mystery of the "Seawater Uncs" (Ashley-Gordy Gold)

John M. Kleeberg (abridged and edited by Daniel Sedwick)

A Brazilian Gold Ingot from Serro Frio

Daniel Sedwick / Augi Garcia

General Interest:


Investing in Collectible Tangible Assets

Cori Sedwick Downing 

Reporting Fake Coins on the Internet: eBay reporting guide

A visual tutorial by Augi Garcia

Buying “nothing” on eBay

Daniel Frank Sedwick  / Augi Garcia

Strategies for Successful Bidding

Daniel Frank Sedwick. LLC


Daniel Frank Sedwick  

How to Judge the Worth of a Cob

Daniel Frank Sedwick

Classic articles previously published by Dr. Frank Sedwick:


In Search of Colombian Cobs

A classic Introductory Frank Sedwick

My Friend Lloyd

Frank Sedwick


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Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC Professional numismatists specializing in the colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck cob coins and artifacts of all nations. Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC Professional numismatists specializing in the colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck cob coins and artifacts of all nations.


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