Sedwick Hosts Record $3.1 Million Auction


A variety of rarities and strong turnout by bidders helped propel Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC’s Treasure Auction 24 results to over $3.1 million, a record-breaking sale for the firm. The sale, held live on Nov. 2-3 in Orlando, Florida and online on Nov. 5, featured over 2,300 lots. All prices cited include a 19 percent buyer’s premium.

Among the top lots in the sale was a set of specially struck 1915-dated Cuban gold pesos (lots 146-151). Five of the six coins, the 1, 2, 4, 10, and 20 pesos, are specimen strikes and certified as such by NGC. They are the only known specimen strikes for the series. The sixth coin, a 5 pesos, was graded NGC MS 66+ for its exceptional surfaces and is the finest graded for the type. All together, the set raised $473,025 on a combined $49,000 low estimate. The six lots were sold individually yet purchased by the same bidder. The top coin for the set was the specimen 20 pesos which took in $130,900 on a $20,000 and up estimate.

Cuba 1915 Specimen 20 Pesos, graded NGC SP 63. Realized: $130,900


“This was our largest sale yet,” said president and company founder Daniel Sedwick. “This result was helped by having a variety of rare coins that appealed to a wide audience of collectors.”

An example of one of the first coins to be struck in the Americas, a Mexico City-struck Charles-Joanna “Early Series” 3 reales graded NGC VF 30, went up for bid as lot 664. Once bidding had concluded, the coin sold for $83,300 on a $35,000 to $70,000 estimate.



This Charles-Joanna "Early Series" 3 reales (note the denomination as three dots between the pillars) realized $83,300.


Strong bids were placed for two large silver bars, lots 256 and 257, recovered from the shipwreck of the Atocha, sunk in 1622 off Key West, Florida. Both bars came with Mel Fisher photo-certificates, were graded Class Factor 1.0, were of similar weight (83 troy pounds, 2.3 troy ounces and 81 troy pounds, 6.56 troy ounces, respectively), and estimated at $30,000 to $45,000 each. The bars ended up selling for $59,500 and $56,525, respectively.


 This Cuzco, Peru, 1837BA 8 escudos graded NGC MS64+ Prooflike is the finest recorded on the NGC census.


Other top lots in the auction include:

  • Lot 5 - Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 escudos, 1715J, special planchet and strike, NGC MS 64, ex-1715 Fleet, sold for $50,575.

  • Lot 90 - Seville, Spain, cob 2 escudos, 1619G, ex-Atocha (1622), sold for $38,080.

  • Lot 25 - Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1710H, NGC MS 63, ex-1715 Fleet, sold for $33,320.

  • Lot 247 - Gold "finger" bar, 466 grams, marked with fineness XVII (17K), twice cut, encrusted with coral, ex-"Golden Fleece wreck" (ca. 1550), sold for $30,940.

  • Lot 32 - Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1714/3M, very rare, PCGS MS62, ex-Pullin, ex-1715 Fleet, sold for $28,560.

  • Lot 1 - Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 escudos, 1713J, NGC MS 64, ex-1715 Fleet, sold for $16,065.

  • Lot 901 - Argentina (River Plate Provinces), 8 reales, 1815F, Potosi mint, PCGS MS64+, sold for $15,470.

  • Lot 249 - Small gold ingot, 6.35 oz., dated 1959, New York Assay Office, ex-Bently Collection, sold for $13,090.

  • Lot 568 - Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 reales, (1)715(J), from the pirate ship Whydah (1717), sold for $13,090.

  • Lot 1477 - USA (Philadelphia mint), high relief $20 St. Gaudens "double eagle," 1907, wire rim, sold for $9,520.

  • Lot 1557 - Colombia, Banco de Panama, 5 pesos, ND (ca. 1869), serial RP 1715, PMG Choice VF 35, sold for $2,975.

Full prices realized can be viewed at auction.sedwickcoins.com. The company’s next auction will be held May 2-3, 2019 with a consignment deadline of February 20, 2019.


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Varieties of Rincón Three Reales of Mexico Charles-Joanna

by Cori Sedwick Downing


Captain Sam Bellamy and the Whydah:

The Fateful Decisions that Brought Spanish 1715-Fleet Treasure to the Shores of Cape Cod

by Daniel Frank Sedwick








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