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Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction 29
Live on the Internet, Friday-Saturday May 7-8 and Monday 10


Thank you to our bidders and consignors alike who made this Treasure Auction 29 a new record sale for our company! Over $4.06 million in coins, bank notes, and artifacts was sold with a nearly 100% sell-through rate and a record number of participating bidders. We look forward to seeing you on November 3rd - 5th for our Treasure Auction 30!





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Consignment deadline: August 15, 2021
constantly looking for:

  • High-grade gold and silver Latin American coins (especially collections)

  • World Gold coins including US and early British and Dutch 

  • Rare early Spanish colonial cobs (collections or single coins)

  • 1715-Fleet gold and silver dated cobs.

  • Shipwreck coins and cobs in reasonable condition with original certificates

  • High-grade silver cobs & pillar dollars

  • Artifacts from shipwrecks (well documented and properly conserved)

  • Silver and gold ingots from shipwrecks

  • World Paper Money


After several months of working with consignors to bring you the best fresh material at realistic levels, we are proud and privileged to present to you our 29th auction. Some would say it is our best ever! Here are some highlights to watch for:

Gold Cobs, dominated by 1715-Fleet gems as always, we offer a choice (MS 63) Cuzco 2 escudos (lot 36) as well as a very rarely seen Cuzco 1 escudo (lot 37), both dated 1698 for the one year they were made.

Shipwreck Ingots you will find THREE gold bars from the Atocha (lots 51-53), in addition to silver ingots from the “Tumbaga wreck” (ca. 1528), Atocha (1622) and Maravillas (1656), plus a very rare large ingot (lot 61) from the Santa Margarita (1622) found in 1980. Also be sure to check out the large natural gold specimens dubbed “Golden Coral” (lot 55) and “Golden Fist” (lot 56), from Alaska and California respectively.

Shipwreck Coins be sure to watch for a PCGS-certified gold 2 escudos (lot 68) from the Atocha, as well as strong selections of choice Concepción (1641), Capitana (1654), 1715 Fleet and Rooswijk (1739) coins. Three $20 “double eagles” from the “Fort Capron Treasure,” S.S. Central America (1857) and S.S. Brother Jonathan (1865), lots 249-251, are worth noting as well.

Mexico Silver Cobs we feature several Royals (galanos) from the Isaac Rudman Numismatic Cabinet, most notably a 1607 8 reales (lot 279), a unique and choice (unholed AU 58) 1730/28/5 8 reales (lot 287). Shipwreck enthusiasts will be keen to watch lot 285 (dated 1714), the only NGC-certified 8 reales Royal from the 1715 Fleet.
Lima Silver Cobs and Potosí Silver Cobs we proudly present the Arturo Rosenheim Collection and several great 8 reales Royals, including: Lima 1689 (lot 341) and 1695 (lot 348); Potosí 1630 (lot 423) and 1652 Type V Transitional (lot 449), plus a non-holed, NGC-certified AU 53 1742 (lot 539). We finish Potosí with a unique 2 reales Heart of 1733 assayer E (lot 623).

All other cobs (Colombia, Guatemala, Panama and Spain) are now in the  
World Coins section to accommodate several more important collections, namely the Esmeralda Collection of Gran Colombia Coinage (1819-1830); Part II of the Nueva Granada Collection of Colombian Rarities; and Part I of the Antiqua Collection of Guatemalan Cobs. In Colombia we feature several “finest knowns,” including: 4 escudos 1826 (lot 805); “Libertad Americana” 8 reales 1819 (lot 832); and República de Colombia / Nueva Granada mule 8 reales 1820 (lot 834); in addition to many important patterns and other rarities. Also look for trophies in Cuba (lot 937, an MS 70 piefort 100 pesos 1990), Ecuador (lot 956, an NGC MS 65 4 reales of 1844), Guatemala (lot 1037, a gold proof 10 pesos essai of 1894) and Mexico (lot 1042, an NGC-finest 8 escudos of 1750, and lot 1073, an NGC-finest Durango “hookneck” 8 reales of 1824). Finally be sure to witness our largest-to-date selection of Spanish gold coins, featuring this auction’s “Best in Show” Segovia milled 8 escudos 1721/19 (lot 1150).

Medals and Decorations we feature the latest installment in Selections from the John Adams Collection of Admiral Vernon Medals. Next, in U.S. Coins and Paper Money you will find an NGC VF 30 Draped Bust dollar 1796 (lot 1263). World Paper Money features the first-known República de Costa Rica 100 and 50 colones remainders from the 1917 issuance (lots 1303 and 1304), plus the popular Banco Internacional "La Mandolina" 50 colones of 1916 (lot 1302), as well as a major Guatemalan rarity: the PMG-finest 1934-dated 10 quetzales from the General Orellana series in Choice UNC 63 (lot 1314).

We round out the auction with
Ancient Coins and Coin Jewelry, followed by the usual great selection of artifacts. Shipwreck Artifacts features long gold chains from the Atocha (lot 1378) and 1715 Fleet (lot 1394), and in Non-Wreck Artifacts we present all kinds of fossils and firearms. The coveted “final lot” position in the Documents section (lot 1443) goes to an original 1912 newspaper covering the Titanic disaster just five days after the sinking.

After a Sunday to regroup, we finish the auction with a video-off
Express session on Monday for all your lower-priced needs from every section. Enjoy!

Here’s wishing everyone good health and happy bidding, and to all our consignors we say many thanks!




Special Collections

The Esmeralda Collection of Coinage from Gran Colombia
The Nueva Granada Collection Part II
The Antigua Collection of Guatemalan Cobs Part I
The Arturo Roseheim Collection of Lima and Potosi Cobs
Selections from the John Adams Collection of Admiral Vernon Medals
Mexican Silver Cobs from the Isaac Rudman Numismatic Cabinet


Friday, May 7, 2021
Session I -(1 - 262) 10:00 AM EDT

Gold Cobs
 /  Shipwreck Ingots
Shipwreck Coins 1500s-1650s
Shipwreck Coins 1660s-1740s
Shipwreck Coins 1750s-1900s

Session II - (263 - 623) 1:30 PM EDT
Silver Cobs of Mexico City, Mexico
Silver Cobs of Lima, Peru
Silver Cobs of Potosi, Bolivia

Saturday, May 8, 2021
Session III - (624 - 1211) 10:00 AM EDT

World Coins - World (A-G)
World Coins - World (H-O)
World Coins - World (P-Z)

Session IV - (1212 - 1319) 6:00 PM EDT
Medals and Decorations
U.S. Coins
 / US Paper Money

Medals  /  World Paper Money

Session V - (1320 - 1443) 8:00 PM EDT
Ancient Coins
 /  Coin Jewelry
Shipwreck Artifacts
 /  Non-Wreck Artifacts

Monday, May 10, 2021
Session VI ( 1444 - 1937 ) - 10:00 AM EDT

Assortment of all of the sections
Express Session (selected items from all sessions) 1444 - 1937


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